Last night President Obama made a pretty offensive joke about the special Olympics.  ABC reporter and transparency hawk Jake Tapper was one of the first to get in front of the story, and then set about hyping it on his Twitter feed while implying there was something weary about covering it in the first place.

Preparing for day of hypocrisy: conservs who would normally defend the SpecOlymp joke acting offended, liberals saying lighten up. Sigh

So naturally, I took him to task over at TAPPED:

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about press who moments ago believed the president had “too much on his plate” now deciding that the country should spend a whole day talking about an offensive joke.

In any case, you should know that Tapper’s really disappointed about his 9 PM blog post getting picked up by Drudge, possibly driving the day and leading to all this “hypocrisy” when we have two wars and an economic crisis to deal with. That’s the last thing Tapper wanted when he hyped this “breaking” news last night. 

Naturally, Tapper, who also spent this morning complaining about the Obama administration’s lack of press access for a ceremony at the White House, blocked me from his Twitter feed. 

I wasn’t the only one, of course. David Kurtz over at Talking Points memo also ribbed Tapper for his comments, and naturally, they were blocked too. He also set about blocking other people on Twitter who said something about his coverage.

Jake Tapper is all about media transparency. Just not when it comes to Jake Tapper.

UPDATE: It’s over.

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