Hey y’all. So I just heard from the G20 Voice folks. Here’s a bit of a compilation of recent emails from their team:

Dear Jill,
We are organising G20Voice, a bloggers event within the G20 Summit in London from 1st April to 3rd April. Working with the UK Government we have gained unprecedented access to the G20 Summit itself.
We can provide access for 50 influential and knowledgeable bloggers to the G20 Summit from around the world to be the voice of the world on issues of poverty reduction and climate change. We are arranging question and answer sessions with the G20 delegations and have equal access with mainstream media.

Prior to the summit there will be a briefing day and after the summit an analysis day where experts from NGOs and the UK government will provide their view on the decisions of the G20.

You are on the list for security clearance and accreditation. I’ll let you know as soon as possible when you have been cleared and we can start organizing travel and accommodation.

For more information please visit www.g20voice.com and http://www.londonsummit.gov.uk/en/join-the-debate/your-debate/g20voice.

Cross your fingers I get cleared by Interpol or whatever. They also said in another email: “You are on our list of people to contact, as so many people nominated you on our site.” So um THANKS for your nomination!!! I appreciate it fo sho, but it’s not really about me, is it? This is a new age for African-Americans to be in places where frankly, we haven’t been invited nor particularly welcome in the past. It’s a new opportunity for us to bring our ideas borne of our history, our culture and our proven determination to survive and thrive in even the darkest days to the table. So I will be asking for your advice and your ideas ahead of and during the G20 Summit so that together, we can be a part of the solution that brings about a better world for all. I’ll also be your eyes and ears to make sure it’s not just glad-handing and backslapping among world leaders while Rome burns but that sumpin’ sumpin’ gets done, naw mean?

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