I’m headed out on an afternoon flight to London arriving Tues London time to get ready for the G-20 Summit, thanks to the G20Voice.org program. I’m really excited! It’s a long trip from Cali — 10 hours and timezone-wise almost a full day. I will naturally be keeping you posted on developments. I’ve managed to pass a series of security checks — believe me, they are definitely not just letting any old scrub roll up within proximity to the Summit.

Speaking of security, I’m hearing news that transportation may be “challenging” in London due to G20 planned protests. This is a good week to watch Twitter, yo, since that’s where the breaking news is likely to be. Follow @g20meltdown. Check it:

Metropolitan Police leaders have warned that the city faces an “unprecedented” wave of protest in the run-up to Thursday’s summit talks on the state of the global economy and are set to deploy huge numbers of officers to maintain public order.

Thousands of protesters are expected to march through the streets this Saturday in a rally organized by trade unions and left wing groups.

But it is plans by anti-capitalist and environmental protesters to converge on the Bank of England next Wednesday — April 1 — for a “mass street party” dubbed “Financial Fools Day” that have prompted most concern.

The protest, organized by an umbrella group called “G-20 Meltdown,” will feature four separate “carnival parades,” each led by giant “Horseman of the Apocalypse” puppets. A flyer for the event, carries the slogan “Storm the Banks!” and features images of French revolutionaries storming the Bastille in 1789 and a mannequin of a banker hanging from a noose.

Marina Pepper, one of the organizers of G-20 Meltdown, said that Twitter, the blogging tool that allows short updates to be filed, published and read via cellphones, would be used to coordinate the protests — and warn participants of possible trouble.

Is this going to be another Seattle? Hard to say. Folks are angry everywhere about the economic crisis and the protesters look organized and defiant. Above, there’s a video from G20 Meltdown organizers for you to check out.

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