You may not ever read this letter because you don’t patronize blogs like this one, but I’m writing it anyway.  When you filled in for your ReThug buddy Laura Ingraham yesterday, you called the President of the United States and his wife “Trash In the White House”.

I am not writing this letter to ask why you did that or to even understand, because frankly, I could give two shyts as to why you did that.  I am only writing this letter to call you a self-hating, biracial, conservative so far out there that the Log Cabin Republicans have revoked your membership card, and Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi no LONGER KNOW YOU.

Right now, I’m hearing crickets chirping from the LGBT crowd, but I’m sure when they wake up to your spew, they will no longer claim you because your wingnuttia goes farther than even THEY want to deal with.  In fact, your NOW buddies had to kick you out for your bigoted comments; remember?

In 1996, the NOW Executive Board voted nearly unanimously to censure Bruce for what it claimed were “racially insensitive comments” during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. After months of infighting, Bruce resigned as president of Los Angeles NOW in June 1996. [9] Bruce claimed that the censure was due to her focus on domestic violence, as opposed to defense attorney Johnnie Cochran‘s “racial issues” trial argument.[10] Since then, Bruce has written about the dispute in her critique on what she sees as the failings of NOW, and the left in general. She believes that the feminist establishment in the U.S. has abandoned authentic feminism.[11]

I know why you hate on the Obamas.  They are not Pookie and Neicy in the White House.  They do not have baby mama drama going on like Sarah Palin does now days.  And since your website shows your hero-worship of Palin, why don’t you ask her why she want to crack on Obama for his joke that involved mentioning the Special Olympics, and yet refuse to accept that stimulus money that lil’ Trigg is going to need when he and little ones like him start school in the next few years.

You hate the Obamas because they’re Harvard/Columbia/Princeton-educated; have been in a stable, loving relationship for almost 20 years; have no issues that reek of dysfunction and shattering every stereotype you and your Klan-buddies would like to hang on them.

Not only can you go to hell, you can kiss my ass while you head there.  And I know you will never, EVER, set foot in DC talking this shyt on a street corner down in Dupont Circle or in Northeast…and don’t even think about taking your yella ass down to Anacostia and spew this shyt.  Your ass would be scraped off the walls of RFK stadium if you tried it.

Your kind of people will never say that shyt to one’s face.  So who’s the coward here?  I triple-dare you to get in Michelle Obama’s face and repeat that shyt you said on the air.  You won’t.  You can’t and you won’t.  Know why?

Because Michelle Obama has more class in her pinky toe than you will ever see in your miserable life, and you can’t handle being in her presence because evil can never be in the presence of good.  I just hope that Meghan McCain adds you to her list of people who can kiss her ass, because your buddy Laura Ingraham was already invited to do so after Meghan called out all of you crazy, acting-like-you-on-meth MoFos for turning the Republican Party into the party of in-the-closet wingnuts who make everyone else look bad.

Before you did this, we didn’t even know who the hell you were and we didn’t give a damn.  Make a note – we still don’t give a damn, and since we don’t want Michelle or Barack wasting time responding to your foolishness, we’ll cut the fool on their behalf.

I won’t write a letter next time.  Book it.

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