First on TVNewser: Insiders tell us CNN’s “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News” will end its run at the end of the month, and we’re told the decision was Hughleys.

From CNN: “D.L. approached CNN about being permanently based in Los Angeles, where his family lives. To accommodate this, we agreed upon a new role where he will be a contributor for the network based in Los Angeles. We are eager to continue our relationship with D.L., who is a tremendous talent and a valued colleague.”


I like D.L. I think he’s been great on Real Time with Bill Maher, but the premise and execution of his show irked me. At a time when America is getting to see a broader spectrum of black imagery, his somewhat comedic show on CNN of all places featured “Freddie Mac” as a pimp and too often relied on old school racial comedy to make a point.

There are hella black journalists out there who could do wonders with a weekly CNN show, and I hope the network finds a way to make their voices welcome. It’s a new day.

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