I will NOT apologize for using this pic, but it exemplifies EXACTLY what the Democrats continue to do to themselves, even with a Democrat in the White House.

And they aren’t even Blue Dog Democrats – merely craven.  Hat Tip, AMERICABlog, via HuffPO:

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) tried to get out in front of a congressional mob on Tuesday. Democrats in both the House and Senate have been calling for the IRS to use the tax code to recoup bonuses paid out to AIG executives with federal bailout money. Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which writes the tax code, said that the approach was inappropriate.

“It’s difficult for me to think of the code as a political weapon,” said Rangel, who spoke to a handful of reporters outside his office.

I’m sorry, but if the bailout money isn’t going to be used for keeping AIG in business, making these mofos pay their fair share of Income Taxes on their ill-gotten gains is EXACTLY THE WAY TO GO.

More from Champagne Charlie:

Rangel said he sympathizes with the effort, but not the means it takes. “There’s no way that good thinking Americans should reward people when they’ve been complicit in wrong doing,” he said. “But as a former federal prosecutor, as I recall, it was the criminal code that you dealt with, not internal revenue.”

So, asking for Corporate Welfare and spending the money on anything but saving their businesses isn’t CRIMINAL? But what else would you expect from a Congress Critter who also has a few ethics problems of his own?


And it gets no better when Congress Critters like Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) had a bill that would have possibly prevented this shyt and got flat out ignored:

Senator Ron Wyden said on Tuesday that the furor surrounding AIG’s bonus payments could have been avoided had the Obama White House and members of Congress simply backed legislation that he and Sen. Olympia Snowe introduced more than a month ago.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the Oregon Democrat noted that during the crafting of the stimulus package, he and his Republican colleague from Maine introduced a provision that would have forced bailout recipients to cap their bonuses at $100,000. Any amount paid above that would have been taxed at 35 percent. The language made it through the Senate, but during conference committee with the House, it was inexplicably removed.(Emphasis mine)

I’m not a gambler, but if I were playing Kenny Rogers on this, I’d put money on Rangel pulling this shyt.  Other sources are pointing the finger at Senator Christopher Dodd, since it’s learned that Geithner and Summers lobbied his ass on this issue.

Follow the money on this one.  As is who’s getting fat donations from the Banking industry come 2010 and 2012.  Dodd and Rangel might need some strong primaries to shake up their asses come 2010 or 2012.

I also agree with Congressman Kanjorski regarding “I’m as stunned about the bonuses as you are” tripe coming from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.  Geithner, who, as I’ve said, sat on his ass when he ran the New York Fed and did NOTHING but co-sign on all of this crap.  He’s sounding too much like – dare I say it? – “We had no idea that the terrorists would use a plane as a weapon” or “We didn’t see the mushroom cloud”?

Sound familiar?  It should, because it is the same bullshyt the Bush Administration, starring Condi and Colin, lying to the American Public and the United Nations, about the reasons to roll in and bomb the hell out of Iraq.  I swear, Geithner is sounding eerily similar to Condi Rice – and that’s not good.  Maybe Obama needs to think about pink-slipping this Mofo because I believe he is not going to do anything but set up the POTUS to take blame for crap done on George Bush’s watch.

While the POTUS is taking pro-active measures to stop another war, the numbnuts are harping about a joke he made regarding the Special Olympics.  Probably a poor taste of a joke, but we weren’t supposed to get “het up” over Don Imus calling the Lady Rutgers Hoop Team “Nappy Headed Hos” either.  I say this to say, Obama’s got more important things on his plate than apologizing for every damn thing flying out of his mouth, because most of the time, he consciously thinks about what he’s going to say before he actually says it.

Yet, the Royal Dumbass George “F*cktard” Bush said a hellva lot more goofy shyt than President Obama and the MSM wants to distract from the fact that their losing their viewers to blogs and indy media because we at least report what the hell’s going on.  And while the POTUS is trying to do his job, the Democrats are determined to return to the minority party in Congress, because being in the majority requires they actually get off their asses and do some effective legislating, or lose their jobs in 2010.  The American people can’t take anymore of their bullshyt and one would think that the thrashing of the ReThugs would have given the Democrats food for thought – the main one being “We Won’t Be Fooled Again”.

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