via Blogging While Brown…About Science | Young Black Professional Guide

As a Science Blogger, I often feel like my genre of blogging is marginal to other more popular topics discussed in the Black Blogging Community – politics, crime, racial disparity, social commentary, pop-culture, fashion, music, etc. Science and Education never seem to make it on the radar except when a social justice issue is being debated. These subjects rarely get their due –for their own sake. So, it is in this light that I find myself thinking about the upcoming Blogging While Brown Conference and I get, well, a little deflated.

What do yall think? I know our site here is very politics oriented, but who among you is down with science, tech, and geek life? Where do you see the conversation about science in the black community taking place? Got any ideas you want to throw in the mix. Send some love over to the ybpguide link above and have at it! Science FTW!

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