Al Giordano should be read regularly. Something hasn’t quite been sitting right with me about the accusations leveled at Geithner and Obama’s Treasury Department in this AIG mess. I’ve been indisposed most of the week in Austin at SXSW, but I was relieved when Obama said during his town all, “I’m responsible.” Anyway, Al has some words for members of the left who’ve been asking for Geithner’s head, implying massive conspiracies and more.

Check the excerpt

Their latest failed attempts (two of many so far in only the first eight weeks of the new administration) to storm the gates of the White House and make a scapegoat out of (fill in the blank: Emanuel, Geithner, whatever absent father figure is in their craws on any given day) reveal the simple formula of their online aneurisms and from here on out will serve as a guide to how they whip themselves into a froth so routinely only to be discredited within days of each spastic attack.

The first came out of the loud claims that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner allegedly hid or kept secret the fact that AIG Corporation would pay bonuses to its executive and employees even after receiving bailout funds.

Well, lo’ and behold, The Field has obtained a November 25, 2008 press release from the AIG Corporation in which the troubled financial giant told the entire world that it would be offering bonuses in 2009!

Some conspiracy, eh? One in which the alleged conspirator announced it to the public four months in advance!

via The Field: Repeat, Rinse, Pout.

Definitely read the entire thing. I don’t think Geithner is perfect, and I’ve got issues with both him and Summers for their past roles in promoting disaster capitalism, but I found it hard to believe all the charges against them and Obama this week could be right. I’ll keep reading what everybody has to say, but Al will be high on the list. This ish is so messy!


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