Remember how John Stewart put the smackdown on Jim Cramer for CNBC’s role in crashing the economy and failing to report on Wall Street misconduct? (See video above.)

Beautiful wasn’t it? Now we’re taking it a step further. Many of you joined us here at JJP in signing the letter to CNBC. Thanks! We’re up to over 20,000 strong(!) who want to see change in the way news on the economy is covered. We need to stop the bamboozling of the American public. This is important for real, because CNBC has been shown to be part of the problem. Our push to make them step correct? Honey chile, that’s the solution.

Here’s the text of the letter. Please sign on now.

Dear CNBC —
“You knew what the banks were doing, and yet were touting it for months and months. The entire network was.” — Jon Stewart

These now-legendary words were a wake-up call. We’re asking you to wake up.

Americans need CNBC to do strong, watchdog journalism – asking tough questions to Wall Street, debunking lies, and reporting the truth. Instead, CNBC has done PR for Wall Street. You’ve been so obsessed with getting “access” to failed CEOs that you willfully passed on misinformation to the public for years, helping to get us into the economic crisis we face today.

You screwed up badly. Don’t apologize – fix it!

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