From Al Giordano over at The Field:

Posted by Al Giordano – February 13, 2009 at 6:25 pm

The US House has approved the final House-Senate conference committee agreement on the Stimulus Bill by a vote of 246 to 183 and the Senate is voting on it now (where it will pass with at least 60 votes later on tonight).

That means that more than half-a-trillion ($500 billion) dollars will go to job creation and social programs, much of that through state governments. That includes:

$127 billion to health care

$101 billion to education

$63 billion in aid to the poor

$61 billion to green energy ($30 billion for improving the electric grid, $20 million in loan guarantees for alternative energy development, $6 billion for weatherizing state and federal buildings, $5 billion for weatherizing homes…)

$53 billion to roads, bridges and other infrastructure

$22 billion to development of technology

$18 billion to environmental clean-up and protection

…and about $60 billion more for direct cash subsidies to people and other miscellaneous programs.

It also includes $285 billion in “tax cuts” but a different kind of tax cut than the term has meant over the past eight years (aimed at people, not for corporations, and not for the five percent of wealthiest Americans).

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The President did his job. Got a little messy, but he pulled it through.

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