Hey y’all: did you catch Jack Turner/@baratunde earlier today on CNN.com/live? I’ll also be on www.CNN.com/live around 1:15pm ET/4:15 PT. Tonight is President Obama’s first State of the Union address (!!!) He’s expected to cover the economy and how his initiatives on housing, education, healthcare and energy will impact a better economic future for Americans. I’m looking forward to it even though the truf is: the State of the Union is a bit grim right now. During his appearance, Baratunde gave Obama a B+ so far as president and made comments along these lines:

If the financial and ecological cost of President Obama’s travels helps deliver a more rational foreign policy, improved environmental standards and an economic recovery, it’s well worth the cost. The problem isn’t that the president is wasting money flying. It’s that the economic and environmental seams of this country and of the planet are being torn asunder.

Word. I’d be a bit more generous and give a brother an A-. It’s been a bumpy road with some key appointments such as Commerce Secretary and the housing rollout, but I think a brother is doing the best he can given the tough hand he’s been dealt.

This afternoon on CNN.com/live, we’ll have four bloggers, talking about anything and everything having to do with politics ahead of Obama’s speech before the joint session of Congress this evening. (That’s some for real black history in action, right?)

The other folks taking part (besides you, of course) will be:

Matt Lewis – AOL’s Political Beast

Erick Erickson – RedState.com

Gina Cooper – NetrootsNation

We’re gonna do the whole thing by webcam. If skype’s good enough for Oprah, I reckon it’s good enough for the rest of us. Help me out — if you’ve got points you think I should raise about the economic crisis and Obama’s solutions (including the stimulus), let me know in the comments. I’m also planning to blog in reaction to the speech tonight so stay tuned.

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