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Rick Santelli’s Rant about President Obama’s Housing Plan on CNBC

I wonder if this mofo was this outraged when WALL STREET went begging for 700 BILLION DOLLARS.

President Obama’s housing plan is ONE-TENTH of the money that went to WALL STREET, and I bet his ass didn’t say JACK about THAT money.

And you wonder why folks like me didn’t want to give Wall Street ANYTHING?

Give it to Wall Street with no provisions…

But, the Auto Industry – which affects MILLIONS of jobs – it can only be a LOAN..
and, we must talk about the EARNING potential of UAW workers.

And now, that we’re trying to help people on the ground – sure, some of them took out loans that they couldn’t afford. But, how about those who were straight up DEFRAUDED. How about the ones who SHOULD have qualified for CONVENTIONAL mortgages, but because of INSTITUTIONAL RACISM IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY, were herded into SUBPRIME mortgages.

How entire communities of this country – on MAIN STREET – are being wiped out because of this foreclosure crisis. And, foreclosures just don’t devastate those who lost their homes. Their neighbors see their property values plummet with every foreclosure in their neighborhoods. This is the reality on MAIN STREET.

Oh, to drop his ass off on Main Street, give him a megaphone, and see if he’d be that big and bad THEN.

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