I meant to post something on President’s day but I took a day off from the internet. President’s day has never had as much significance as we finally have a President who I don’t believe is evil or the lessor of two evils. I figured I’d take this day to pay tribute to our president by showing part of an interview I did with Professor Charles J. Ogletree on the Obamas’ time at Harvard Law School.

Besides helping mold the minds of our first family at Harvard Law, Ogletree also clerked for Thurgood Marshall, represented Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas case, was Tupac’s lawyer and helped draft South Africa’s constituition.

It’s interesting to see Ogletree’s early impressions of both Barack and Michelle and comforting to know that our nation is in someone’s hands who is actually bright and qualified.


Last week I bought a very good video from my local African bootlegger. It was called Obama Goes to Africa (not sure if that was the real title). The DVD detailed his  2006 trip to Africa as a Senator. His trip to Kenya reunited him with his African family and gave me an idea on what Barack’s African heritage means to him. In Kenya Barack was greeted with the same adulation that Muhammed Ali and Bob Marley were given in their trips to Africa.


Also on the video was Obama’s trip to South Africa. This was very inspirational as Obama visited Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned and talked about how apartheid started his political activism in the early eighties. The video gave me some optimism on the future of Africa, as Obama clearly understands the problems of poverty, corruption and AIDS in Africa and has inspired Africans to follow in his example.

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