Just saw this on MSNBC.

Our dear NMP puts it this way:

I luv ya’ but I hoping that this would be the one place this wasn’t being made a big deal. I hope Bill Maher’s first “new rule” is that unless someone can tell me what the hell a Commerce Secretary does, stop talking about it. Really, just leave the position vacant and dissolve on its own.

The reason why the Commerce Secretary is important this time, is because of the 2010 Census. Getting folks accurately counted, and holding onto Black political representation – through Congressional Districts – is important to me. That’s why I thought it was a positive to see The Census moved into The White House.

Also, the Commerce Secretary also holds the office of the SBA, if I’m thinking correctly. And, if there’s anything Black folk need, it’s more businesses in the community.

So, that’s why I think the Commerce Secretary is still needed.

I’m not sad about Gregg leaving. I believe there has to be a business-minded Democrat, interested in improving AMERICAN Businesses, that could be chosen.

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