Dayam, y’all! See that’s what I love about Color of Change: they ain’t playin’. And they got the cops involved. Read below for details. Let it be known to those who attack Obama and Black America = we are prepared to come over to your house and look you in the eye. And dump 100,000 angry letters on your doorstep in a maneuver that will only make your doorman hate you more than he probably already secretly does. We gotta stay vigilant, MLK-style non-violent but direct in demanding accountability and action.

Thanks to those that joined me in taking action and sending in a letter to the New York Post over this hot mess. Clearly we made a difference. Here’s Color of Change’s response to Rupert Murdoch’s recent apology/plea for mercy from black people. To which I say: No Justice, No Peace… Call off your racist attach dogs masquerading as journalists & pundits, Murdoch, and maybe we’ll consider cooling it. The NAACP says that it plans actions at 70 Fox affiliates tomorrow. Stay tuned.

The national civil rights organization said today that it had coordinated with NYPD to conduct a public confrontation outside Rupert Murdoch’s residence over his lack of action regarding The New York Post’s controversial ‘chimp’ cartoon.  The group had also communicated with the building staff at his current residence on 5th Ave.

More than 110,000 members have sent emails to The Post’s publisher that were also addressed to Murdoch.  The emails demanded a genuine apology and the firing of the editor who approved the cartoon.  The group’s plan was to confront Murdoch with paper versions of the emails it had collected since Thursday.

James Rucker, Executive Director of, responded to Murdoch’s apology. “It took Murdoch and the Post’s top editors almost a week to understand why people were upset. Murdoch hasn’t said what he’ll do stop this from happening again, or address a longstanding pattern of vicious attacks on black leaders at other News Corp outlets like Fox News,” Rucker said.  “There’s a culture of insensitivity and willful ignorance around issues of race that can only change through leadership change,” Rucker continued. “Rupert Murdoch should start by firing Col Allan, and issuing a strong statement that he won’t tolerate this kind of behavior at any of media outlets he owns.”

With more than a half million members, is the largest African-American online political organization in the country.

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