Black folks agree. The New York Post cartoon is far, far out of bounds. Crazy crackpot ultra-conservative billionaire Rupert Murdoch — uh, we ain’t amused. Casey Gane-McCalla has rounded up the most offensive cartoons from the Post — they’ve got a history.

Al Sharpton’s National Action Network organized a protest today in front of the Murdoch-owned New York Post at Rockefeller Center. AlterNet has exclusive photos from the scene taken by Liliana Segura, including the one above.

Ben Jealous of the NAACP has weighed in, releasing this statement:

NAACP continues to fight for a country where America’s promise can be realized for all and where racism is just a tragic memory.  We are saddened that the New York Post chose to create a symbol that is so divisive, insensitive and antithetical to that goal.  The NY Post must do better.”

Color of Change has got more than words for you. If you’re mad as hell at the dehumanizing, dangerous portrayal of Obama as a shot-dead monkey, there’s something you can do, even if you don’t live in New York. From their action alert:

The Post would have us believe that the cartoon is not about Obama. But on the page just before the cartoon appears, there’s a big picture of Obama signing the stimulus bill. A reader paging through The Post would see Obama putting pen to paper, then turn the page to see this violent cartoon. The imagery is chilling.

In the face of intense criticism, The Post‘s editor is standing by the cartoon, claiming it has no racial undertones, that it’s not about Obama, and that it was simply referencing an incident earlier this week when police shot a pet chimpanzee (an argument that pundits and analysts simply aren’t buying).

It’s impossible to believe that any newspaper editor could be ignorant enough to not understand how this cartoon evokes a history of racist symbolism, or how frightening this image feels at a time when death threats against President Obama have been on the rise.

Please join us in demanding that The Post apologize publicly and fire the editor who allowed this cartoon to go to print:

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