Here we go again.

Here’s a cartoon that can be reasonably interpreted to depict the president as a rapid rabid primate, shot dead by the police.

More later cause I’m about to go on NPR’s News & Notes but just remember that black folks as monkeys is one of the oldest and most vile images used throughout our history.

Please update us in the comments with your thoughts and any new information. We’ll be back


Images like these contribute to real harm for black folk, whether basic economic discrimination or deadly police violence. Next week, on Feb 26, there’s a conference to address race- and sex-based police discrimination and violence. I’ll post more on it later, but check out the website for now.

Update 2x:

I’ll be on MSNBC Tonight at 6pm talking about this nonsense. It’s David Shuster’s 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I’ll be on with HuffPo’s Sam Stein. And this psychological study explains why such negro-ape imagery is actually deadly for black folks.

Update 3x:

Here’s the post with the video embedded.

Update 4x:

And here’s my day-after post with a much deeper analysis of the psychology of dehumanization by Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff

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