My Name is Casey Gane-McCalla and it is a pleasure and honor to introduce myself as a member of the Jack and Jill Politics team. I’ve admired the site from afar for quite sometime. I know Baratunde and Cheryl think I’m a kissass but I really believe I’m joining the best political team on the internet(not black team but team that happens to be black). Not only that but the commenters may be the best on the internet as well. When researching for news during the election Jack and Jill would be the first site I’d check.  I used to also drop a lot my links in the comments and open threads.

I’m a Columbia University Graduate (98) and I’ve spent most of my life in the education and entertainment field. Before I got my current job as associate editor for NewsOne, Radio-One’s black news website,  I worked teaching music in the South Bronx.  Here’s a music video I did with some students I used to work with in the Bronx.

I’ve been blessed to have a chance to have a full time job writing about politics, news and entertainment for a living. At times I’m serious and other times I use humor to get my point across.

Barack Obama has been a hero of mine since I read his book in 2004 so I feel strongly about taking on any of the forces on the right that attack him (Fox News) but still feel it’s my responsibility to check him when he isn’t acting in the interest of the country.

I feel very strongly about issues that affect the black community such police brutality, racism, education and biased drug laws.

Jack and Jill was great force in the election and continues to play a major role in the beginning of the Obama era. I look forward to everybodies feedback and incite.

For all you black history buffs please check out our Celebrate 44 work at NewOne, we’ve compiled a good deal of African American history and connected it to what’s going on today.

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