I know I haven’t been around JJP for a while, I’ve been working on a story for the print edition of The American Prospect that I think ya’ll will find interesting when it’s done, but for now I want to point you towards some stuff I’ve been doing for PBS’ Newshour website. Basically I’m always keeping my eye on what Obama’s doing with regards to his fatherhood agenda, and this story takes a look at one of the programs that might stand to get some money if Obama follows through on providing more government funds to programs designed to help fathers reenter society from prison and reconnect with their families. The story centers around Hope House DC, which runs a week of summer camp in local prisons for fathers and their children, among other things. It’s a radio joint, so I apologize in advance for my NPR voice, which is not quite up to snuff yet. But I hope you enjoy the story.

It’s up here.

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