More details about Cadillac One from GM:
From Inside the Rocket-Proof Obamamobile:

I love this cutaway illustration of the new Cadillac One by John Lawson, Obama included. “Doors: eight-inch thick and the weight of a 757 door”. Other highlights:

• It can withstand rocket impacts and it’s perfectly sealed against biochemical attacks.
• Petrol tank: Can withstand a direct hit thanks to a special foam and armor-plating.
• Bodywork: made of dual hardness steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramics to “break up posible projectiles”.
• Tyres: Kevlar-reinforced with steel rims underneath so it can run away no matter what.
• Accessories include: Night vision cameras, pump-action shotguns, tear gas cannons.
• Comes with bottles of blood compatible with the President’s blood.

The only thing I don’t get is this: It has a ten-CD changer. A CD changer? What is this? 1994?

Note from Jill: This is awsm! However, um – 8 miles to the gallon? Really? I’d like to see Obama walk the walk and not just talk the talk – why isn’t the Obamamobile a hybrid? The Obama family car is/was a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. So why not follow through and insist on a greener and less foreign oil-dependent limo? Just askin’.

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