What’s good fam? I’m back! Missed all of you a lot. The Daily Beast (a Tina Brown production) requested a piece on my Sidwell experience which went up today. It’s focused on advice to the Obama parents based on some of what I’ve share with yall already.

As the first daughters begin classes at Sidwell Friends, the author reflects on his time as one of its few black students.

Dear President-elect and Mrs. Obama,

You’ve been there. Princeton. Columbia. Harvard Law. The white-shoe law firm of Sidley Austin. The US Senate. You know what it’s like to be that raisin in the milk, the rare black face at an elite institution.

As your daughters come of age at the top prep school in our nation’s capital, they will likely face the same raisin-in-the-milk trials and awkwardness with which you are likely familiar and I most certainly am; I attended the same school, Sidwell Friends, for six years, graduating in 1995.

There are some important differences between my Sidwell experience and what your daughters will face, of course.

Continue here to read the piece in full. This is just part of the story, of course. There will be more to come here on JJP from me and Jill.

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