I call it a murder, because what else are you going to call a man who was shot in the back, while lying face down on the ground?

Oscar Grant was murdered by a BART Officer in Oakland, California.

It’s a horrible story. A story that makes the blood boil. But, it’s not a story Black folk haven’t heard before. We ALL have heard the stories of Black folk being shot in the back….

‘ While resisting arrest’.

The only difference between those encounters with police and this one, is that it was caught on tape.

They’ve tried to use the bullshyt excuse that the officer was going for his taser. Except, for that his taser WAS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF HIS BODY. So, this policeman is too stupid to know which side carries his GUN? THIS is what is acceptable for law enforcement?

Why do I have the deep suspicion that if he was facing someone who was actually armed, that he’d KNOW which side his TASER was on.

Response from Oakland?

Some ‘civil unrest.’

When will folks understand the connection between ‘ civil unrest’ and injustice at the hands of Law Enforcement? When will they finally GET IT?


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