Yo Fam,

As yall have noticed over the past few months, there’s just something about the election of Barack Hussein Obama that brings forth the trolls in our comment area. We’ve tried to let it go in order to avoid stifling speech or creating more work for ourselves, but the situation can no longer be ignored. We’ve been operating under the most lax commenting rules, allowing unregistered and unverified people to post their thoughts. That policy ends effective now.

In order to comment here at JJP, one must

a) have a registered account with our comment system, Disqus (click through to create an account. read more on Disqus here)

b) have your email address verified.

These changes will bring an increased level of accountability to the community. Those who feel the need to engage in continued trifilinity can do so, but know that we can more easily call you on your b.s.


I want to clarify that the point of tightening comment controls is NOT to stifle actual debate. It’s to help us flush out the purely idiotic, racist and destructive noise that detracts from actual discourse. You all can help. If you see a comment that meets those criteria — racist, idiot and destructive — please hit the “Flag” label next to the comment. This will allow moderators to consider deleting the comment or banning the poster.

Update x2

Many of you have been commenting here regularly but never registered with Disqus. You can claim all those past comments under your account on this Claim page. Just put in the email address you were using to comment, and Disqus will send you a message verifying the account and allowing you to create a full profile. If you’ve posted here with multiple email addresses over the years, just repeat the claim process for each address.

Update x3

We’ve made this post “sticky” which is why it’s still at the top of the page. I’ll move it back down probably midway through Monday to make sure folks get the news and aren’t confused. Let me know if it’s been up too long

Update x4

If you’re having trouble posting comments, please make sure to verify your email account at disqus.com/verify

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