Hey team,

I’m here! This city is abuzz. Bus drivers are excited (and pissed about the added stress to there lives). Black folks are dressed in finery. The alcohol doth flow freely. It’s a magical time to be in Chocolate City, and I’ll do my best to share what I’m seeing with yall, wherever you are.

Notable moments from today:

  • Playing Rock Band for the first time ever. I’m staying with some friends who have three adorable, high energy children. I think all high energy kids should be enrolled in cross-country running, but that’s another post probably on another blog :)
  • Getting the JJP media credentials. It was so easy, and the volunteers were very friendly.
  • Picking up my Obama-branded DC Metro Smartrip card
  • Meeting a 23-year employee of the Department of Labor and asking her if she noticed a difference based on who the president was. “Absolutely,” she said, adding that Robert Reich was her favorite Secretary because he really knew labor and “knew the numbers.” This same woman told me that her 80-year-old mother and friends were addicted to MSNBC and CNN during the campaign and are back on during the inauguration watching every single moment of the whistle-stop tour.
  • Running into my cross-country coach from middle school at a cocktail party in Friendship Heights (where they had Sarah Palin toilet paper. I love my friends).
  • Meeting Al Franken at a Media Matters event.

And now, enjoy a brief slideshow of photos i took

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