Thanks to @nerdette for the tip. The clip above is Buckwheat & Porky from Our Gang dancing with Spanky and Alfalfa interrupting. Are we really back in the 1930s culturally as well as economically?

Coulda fooled me cuz Sarah Palin and Barack Obama will soon be dining together at the Alfalfa Club Dinner on Jan 19. Sounds deliciously bi-partisan doesn’t it? Screeeech! Hold up, wait a minute: According to the Wikipedia, Blacks were only allowed in the 1970s and there were no women allowed until 1993. It’s the original old boys club: “The group’s moniker is reference to the plant’s willingness to do anything for a drink.” Hardee har har.  AOL’s Political Machine is on the case:

The event is closed to the press, so we have to hope that one of the old shrivs in the audience knows how to work a cellphone camera.

Palin told reporters yesterday, that she’s attending the dinner because of Obama, saying, “How often will I have an opportunity to have dinner with the president?”

True, but is it worth the risk that Obama will run ads against her in 2012, questioning who she pals around with?

Politico describes the dinner as a roast-like affair, something Obama has shown a flair for in the past. Palin, for her part, was excellent in her Saturday Night Live debut.

The Politico article omits a pretty interesting detail. From WaPo:

The Alfalfa Club was founded in 1913 by four Southern gentlemen, apparently for no purpose other than holding an annual dinner on the last Saturday of January (in historical reverence of the Jan. 19 birthday of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.)What the…isn’t this taking “reach across the aisle” to a ridiculous level? Maybe there’s some sarcastic element that I’m missing here. Really? Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are going to speak at a dinner honoring General Lee’s birthday? And it’s not the one from The Dukes of Hazzard?

Oh but there’s more:

Spoke to the White house press office again, they currently have no comment, other than to confirm that the President will be attending the dinner. Also, it turns out that, until 1994, the Alfalfa Club Dinner was, like hair dye for graying beards, Just for Men. That year, Hillary Clinton attended with President Bill Clinton, and the club inducted 3 female members, including Liddy Dole and Sandra Day O’Connor.

Dubya evidently made a moving farewell speech last year when Joe Lieberman was Alfalfa’s president. Sufficiently nauseated yet? Look I know it’s hard to move to a new city and make new friends. But dammit, Obama is the president now. We all know the code under which this shindig was first enshrined. Black people should no longer have to endure parties dedicated to people who worked really hard to keep us enslaved and dine with people like Palin who publicly encouraged followers to call a black candidate a racist terrorist criminal. Period. So, I’m hoping that Obama chooses not to go. Or if he does, that he pricks the conscience of those attending who smugly think it’s cool to celebrate a loser confederate. I hate to think of a bunch of retrogrades snickering at Obama behind his back and behind their own cheese-eating smiles.

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