Former Voting Rights Chief John Tanner says he likes his Coffee like Ms. Berry, but it wasn’t HOT nor SWEET.

You know, I’d like to get away from having to write posts calling out the ignorant when it comes to issues of race.

I’d like to – BUT I CAN’T.  I can’t because teh ignorant like John Tanner, the Chief of the Voting Rights Section at the politicized Justice Department, remarked he liked his coffee “Mary Frances Berry-style; BLACK & BITTER”.

As GreenLadyHere would ask: “WhyCome he have to diss Ms. Berry like that?”

I personally don’t give a rat’s ass how Mr. Tanner takes his coffee – from here on in, he might want to check his coffee for spit and anything else unmentionable if a sista is serving his ass once this gets out.  And, he’d better hope he never runs into the indomitable Mary Frances Berry, cause y’all know she’ll ask his dumb ass what he meant by that remark.

I would love to be a fly on that wall if the above should ever occur.  But right now, I gots to talk about TEH IGNORANT.

I write about this ignorance of John Tanner, and others who think like him, to point out a few things:

1.  Having a Black President is not going to make racism magically disappear, even though you WISHED it would.

If anything, gun sales were reported to INCREASE when Mr. Obama was elected in that landslide on November 4th.  INCREASED, Y’all.  And I’m not happy that the Secret Service has been a lil’ lax in protecting the POTUS.  Yeah, it was a shoe thrown at Bush, and yeah, we LOL’ed about it, but what if that shoe had been something else?  I still say Obama better go on the South Side and find some NOI brothas that can pass a security background check and hire THEM for protection.

2.  The reasons the people had so much trouble out of the Voting Rights Section of the Justice Department?  Look no further than the SALTINE that’s running it.

If John Tanner thinks Mary Frances Berry is a Black and bitter woman, what doesn’t he think about POC and their right to even cast a damned vote?  He probably wishes Ms. Berry was serving his coffee instead of writing reports stating what a piss-poor job was being done by the Justice Department in preserving the right to vote for all people, but mainly people of color; a right, I might add, that our kinfolk took beatings, got jailed and even killed, to make sure we could cast that ballot when it was needed.

3.  No Government Agency should ever function under total Ideology and forget the RULE OF LAW.

I worked for the Federal Government for over 20 years – which meant I worked under Republican and Democratic POTUSes.  While the policy might have changed to reflect who was in charge, those changes had to comply with the RULE OF LAW as set forth under the United States Constitution and applicable United States Codes Regulations.  Only acts of Congress, or Executive Orders could modify or change existing regulatory laws.  When you have teh IGNORANT shytting on the Constitution like the Bush Administration did, you get teh IGNORANTS like John Tanner in charge, pursuing policies and running thangs on IDEOLOGY.  IDEOLOGY is not THE LAW.  But what could we really expect from fools who thought nothing about firing nine U. S. Attorneys because those employees wanted to adhere to and UPHOLD THE LAW?

Okay, since John Tanner thinks most of us are “Black and Bitter”, let’s see who are the bitter crew come January 20, 2009. Hint: it ain’t US!  Besides, I like my coffee like I like my men; strong, hot and sweet – maybe with some cream in it, and as the late Bernie Mac would say, “Stir it like MOFO Coffee!”

We’re about to start STIRRING, Mr. Tanner, but you can have the dregs left  in the coffee pot, since you and your boys started this shyt.  Don’t start nothing your ass can’t finish.

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