Because I sure won’t.

I’d forgotten my Jackson Five days with 10, 000 screaming-at-high-only-dogs-can-hear pitch.  Last night, I was fondly reminded of those days, while I saw Miley Cyrus sing her lil’ heart out, and Bow Wow draw screaming from the young ladies equal to the Jonas Brothers when they closed down Verizon Center.  Shaq showed up via video (funny but kinda of chintzy, and then I remembered it IS hoop season), George Lopez rolled off a joke or two using the “Yes We Can” theme, and Jamie Foxx couldn’t be missed in those neon lime green kicks he was sporting.

I felt kinda awkward at first.  I was thinking, “I’m too old for this shyt.”

I thought that…for all of two minutes.  Then I broke out my bag of Cracker Jack, and my hot dog, and ate like a kid.  Soon, I got into the spirit of thangs, remembering this was an event that allowed the children to be a part of history.

I busted a move in the press box, along with a few other sistas covering the event.  The dudes covering the event were acting like it was BENEATH THEM; some publications insulted the hosts by not even sending a reporter or blogger to cover the event, which I felt was the most important, because it was the childrens’ time to enjoy the Inaugural

I looked on, with the shining faces of Sasha and Malia Obama, sitting next to their mother, First Lady Michelle, who sat next to VP’s spouse Jill Biden; “Nana” to her granddaughters as they rocked and rolled with Miley, the Jonas Brothers, and anyone else I’m too old to name, but rolled up in the house, like Usher and Jamie Foxx.

The Queen (Latifah, that is), introduced a moving segment featuring a live feed of four service people and their greetings and interactions with their loved ones on stage.  When the brotha told his wife, “Hey, sexy, I love you and I’m waiting for you to come home soon…” the audience oohed and ahhed like never seen before.  It brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.

But, wait.  I’m at the Kids’ Inaugural, and while some people may think that the event wasn’t as important as the ones today, there are about twenty thousand kids that would tell you differently.  They were made to feel part of history – THEIR OWN HISTORY, starting with the Inauguration of Sasha’s and Malia’s Daddy as Leader of the Free World.  The significance didn’t really hit me until last night, as I sat in the press box, wondering what I would say in covering the Kids’ Inaugural.

To see children being taken to an event by their parents, instead of being SENT on their own.

To see parents smiling because they could put that look of joy and wonder on their child’s face, and watching their child giggle because their parents were in the aisles trying to bust a move doing what we call “the Hustle”, you call “the Electric Slide” and our parents used to call “The Bus Stop”.

To see an Administration that kicked off all of the events by including our children and letting them know there is more than being seen but not being heard.  Billy Ray’s singing with his little girl brought that home.

To see the joy, the wonder the EXCITEMENT.  And guess what?  I thought I wouldn’t see those kids down on the Mall today to watch the Inauguration, but I swear, I saw some of them, bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and eager to send George Bush packing and welcome Barack Obama in the House.

I saw that last night and today.  I was a part of that history, as small as that may be.  Although for the parents, if you’re taking your children to a Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers concert, and you’re suffering from deafness due to ear-splitting screaming, may I recommend you head to the nearest “Hooters”  Restaurant for a plate of chicken wings, and a pitcher of sangria, as a means of recovery.

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