Y’all know we gots to be ALL up in that shizznit! After all that hard work gettin’ a brother elected? (insert Q-style barking)

I am so excited I am beside myself. A giant surge of emotion hits me now everytime I see the Obamas on TV and we get closer to the first black U.S. president being a reality. Wow… How about you?

Baratunde/Jack and I are traveling from NY/SF and the rest of our intrepid team, most of whom are resident in the DC area, will all be bringing you coverage from the scene, starting this weekend through next week.

No live video this time (sorry), but we will be tweeting our fingers off on Twitter: follow @baratunde, @ch3ryl & @jjpolitics. @baratunde’s tweets are also picked up now by @huffpo & during Inauguration by Comedy Central’s @TheIndecider.

Jack and Jill both have flipcams and will be recording reactions from both the VIPs and normal folk. We’ve also been asked to talk to folks like PRI Radio, BBC TV/Radio/Online, CBC (Canada) Radio and more during the festivities. We’ll put up links when we gots em. We also have media credentials (not as many as we’d hoped, but we’re cool) and Baratunde will be headed to the Inaugural parade while I’m going to try to get to the actual swearing in. The Christian Progressive Liberal is headed to the Kids’ Inaugural. Pray for us.

We’ll have more details on what we’re doing soon. This is just a headsup to stay tuned.

Interestingly, people not interested in talking to us include the black elite. Here’s some specifically black stuff that none of the folks at one of the top 10 black blogs on the internet and tip-top black political blogs online got invited to attend (but that you might want to check out). At least not yet, ahem. Oprah – call me, girl!

– Winfrey will host a live episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” from the Kennedy Center Opera House on Monday. She’ll also host a second episode on Wednesday. Winfrey has not announced her plans on Inauguration Day.

– Spike Lee will appear at a daylong symposium at Howard University on Monday to discuss topics including the impact of Obama on Black America. Also there will be Rev. Al Sharpton, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Henry Louis Gates. Lee will also host an after-party Tuesday evening.

– BET will hold an awards ceremony, the BET Honors, Saturday at the Warner Theater to honor Mary J. Blige, filmmaker Tyler Perry, Ervin “Magic” Johnson and others. Gabrielle Union will host and performers include Queen Latifa, Ne-Yo, Anita Baker and Joss Stone.

– The Hip-hop Caucus will host a concert Saturday at Ibiza with Common, Mary J. Blige and Nelly. (Hip Hop Caucus is graciously advertising to the right on JJP and actually has a lot of stuff going on for Inauguration Weekend, especially in NE DC. Check it out including their party with Jay-Z.

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