Congratulations to Senator Al Franken. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

DFLer Al Franken’s 225-vote lead in the marathon U.S. Senate recount was unanimously certified Monday by the state Canvassing Board, prompting attorneys for Republican Norm Coleman to immediately declare that they will challenge the results in court.

In a brief statement outside his Minneapolis townhouse, Franken said he was humbled and proud to be “the next senator from Minnesota,” even as he acknowledged that the legal wrangling probably isn’t over.

Funny how those ReThugs like to run to court when they lose.  It’s the reason we got Dubya the FIRST TIME.  And rather than seat two Senators to represent the state, Coleman would rather gum up the works with lawsuits:

With Coleman’s Senate term officially ended and no one yet positioned to take the seat, Minnesota is left with a single senator just as Congress is expected to grapple with the nation’s financial meltdown. Congress convenes today.

The Coleman campaign’s last hope to postpone the board’s action had crumbled earlier Monday when the Minnesota Supreme Court rejected its petition to order the review of 654 rejected absentee ballots that the campaign said appeared to be validly cast.

Oh, and on the heels of my post regarding the outgoing POTUS, it appears the GOP finally took its collective head out of its anal orifice and admitted to the truth about their POTUS’ starting a war that was unnecessary:

The Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Mike Duncan, said President Bush’s early prosecution of the Iraq war was his biggest failure in two terms in office.

“I think we failed in the way that, originally, we were prosecuting the war,” Duncan said at a debate with five rivals for the chairmanship. The candidates were asked by Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist to name Bush’s “biggest mistake.”

No SHYT.  And here’s Mike Steele, who wants the job as RNC Chair, trying to go gangsta.  He’d best quit that nonsense, cause he’s beginning to sound too much like a “flaming” liberal (LOL):

Other candidates cited the bailout and taxes and spending. Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele cited the “failure to communicate on the war, Katrina, the bailout.”

Looks like errybody trying to chime in on how Bush Effed-Up for eight years, but to me, they would have acted like real Field Negroes and told the truth like Paul O’Neill tried to do back in 2002 with the tax cuts, if they were THAT UPSET or disagreed with Bush.  Their silence condoned this shyt and trying to blame Bush while he’s heading out the door isn’t even House Negro behavior – more like Yellow-Bellied Cowards’ behavior.

The first working day of the New Year.  Roland Burris considers himself a United States Senator now; Al Franken won his seat but can’t take it because Norm Coleman doesn’t know when to quit, and the GOP is bailing on Bush faster than the band on the Titanic.

Looks like 2009 will be a real BARN BURNER.  On ALL COUNTS.

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