I have a ton of videos and photos to upload & share with you. I also want to tell you all about what it was like to see Barack & Michelle Obama along with Kanye West, Kid Rock, Fall Out Boy, Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore and others at the MTV Youth Inaugural Ball. It was an incredible evening. Sadly Baratunde/Jack was not able to get in despite having a ticket :-( Certainly lots of people had their share of both exultant and extremely frustrating experiences during Inauguration weekend. I have some words for the police and armed forces who IMHO did not do the best job in managing the Inauguration, especially on Tues.

He led the Youth Ball Ticketholders Resistance Movement outside.

In the coming days, you’ll be seeing more from us to share with you the historic occasion, for example, I’ve got a great video too from the MoveOn Bash with De La Soul – who rocked it. So, more soon & thanks for your patience.

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