We’ve Never Had a Tech-Savvy POTUS Before.

Seems to be quite a fuss when the incoming POTUS remarked he’d like to keep his BlackBerry and email access once he’s sworn in – the powers that be are saying he’ll be forced to give it up on Inauguration Day because of legal and security concerns.  However, the incoming POTUS has claimed to make like Charlton Heston about his guns – “They’ll have to pry it out of my hands,” said Mr. Obama.

Thank God, he didn’t go as far as Heston did and say “pry it from his cold, dead hands.”

Yet for eight years this country has had a POTUS that breached every ethical, legal and security issue known to man and country, but because he wasn’t as tech savvy as the incoming POTUS, NOW the Security agencies are having CONCERNS about security breaches. Well, let’s start with the one that allowed the Executive Branch to out an undercover CIA Agent and ruin her career, not to mention putting the lives of everyone she worked with in danger – and only because her husband wrote an NYT Op-Ed piece saying that President Bush was lying about the reasons for shoving America into a war that was not necessary.

But, the Security community is worried about Obama using his BlackBerry while he’s the POTUS, and didn’t even bother to go after who really leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the media.  Eff Scooter Libby – he was the guy hired to fall on his sword and take one for the team to protect Dick Cheney. He’ll probably get a fast pardon from President Bush to ensure he keeps his yap shut about the whole affair.

So, they’re worried about Obama’s BlackBerry use, but allowed Dick Cheney to walk on a worse infraction than a “what could happen” scenario.

Get. The.Hell.Out.Of.Here.With.That.Shyt.  Could it be that far from President Obama keeping his Blackberrys a security and legal issue – the real reason could be that Obama actually uses technology to get one-up on those who would derail his agenda, because they won’t be able to leak it to the media before he informs them?

You’re telling me and the rest of America that the Intelligence and Security communities within the Federal Government cannot devise a secure and legal way for the President to utilize his BlackBerry and his computer without compromising National Security?

I’m not buying that shyt excuse, either, because America is at the FOREFRONT of technological development.  Nations like China only deal with the United States because we have the technology THEY WANT or NEED.

You are not going to tell me that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs can’t develop a computer system for the POTUS to use that is secure and non-hackable (if that’s a word) for the RIGHT PRICE, because I’m wearing the tinfoil hat a lot these days, and I’m just not buying it.

Besides, I kinda like the idea of having a tech-savvy POTUS.  There is nothing worse than a POTUS who is a blithering idiot and repeatedly opened his mouth to remove any doubt that he was a dumb-ass, nationally and globally. Yet, there really may be some security or intelligence issue that I might not be aware of in Obama keeping his BlackBerry, but you are not going to tell me that the intelligence and security communities can’t develop methods to safeguard the POTUS and his computers?

What say you, JJP Readers?  I’m not saying my opinion’s the right one, but I’d appreciate either some debate supporting the POTUS remaining tech-savvy while he’s the POTUS, or debate against him remaining computer savvy.  Discuss, DISQUS, DISCUSS….

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