via Clinton: Obama FoPo Will Be Marriage of Principles And Pragmatism – Marc Ambinder.

“The President-Elect and I believe that foreign policy must be based on a marriage of principles and pragmatism, not rigid ideology. On facts and evidence, not emotion or prejudice. Our security, our vitality, and our ability to lead in today’s world oblige us to recognize the overwhelming fact of our interdependence,” she said.

There were no real surprises nor hard promises and Clinton did not divulge very many specifics. Many particular points, she said, were part of an ongoing policy review.

The most memorable moment: Clinton noted that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, a pioneer in microfinance, was slated to attend the Beijing Women’s Summit in 1995 but canceled because she was too sick at the time.

It’s worth reading the entire thing. Sullivan says she sounds like she’s channeling Obama. I spent a lot of time during the campaign honing my dislike for HRC, but I’m very curious to see how she uses her position and intelligence to support and advance Obama’s foreign policy.

Hillary’s own words:

The President-Elect has made it clear that in the Obama Administration there will be no doubt about the leading role of diplomacy. One need only look to North Korea, Iran, the Middle East, and the Balkans to appreciate the absolute necessity of tough-minded, intelligent diplomacy – and the failures that result when that kind of diplomatic effort is absent. And one need only consider the assortment of problems we must tackle in 2009 – from fighting terrorism to climate change to global financial crises – to understand the importance of cooperative engagement.

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