We’ve been steadily building it out over the past two days. Just below the ad, you will find: Twitter updates, YouTube videos and inauguration photos from thousands.

Twitter updates from baratunde/jack, cheryl/jill and other folks whose perspective we think you’ll enjoy. Not sure what Twitter is, this video offers a simple explanation. Essentially it’s a very short update service used to share information. Below every update, the widget shows the author, and overall the widget shows the most recent six updates.

Below the Twitter updates we’ve put up an ever-growing… YouTube playlist of videos shot by Baratunde and Cheryl. These videos include interviews with inauguration attendees, personal testimonials, and just good clips from wherever we happen to be. We’re trying to bring yall with us as much as possible since we are collectively JJP.

And below that, we’ve installed an automatically updated slideshow of any inauguration photos by anybody who’s uploaded them to Flickr. There are tens of thousands of images that meet this condition. This list of pics will get updated very often and will almost certainly be better than waiting for a newspaper to publish some. You’ll get cameraphones and professional shots and all in between. For a really good time, hit the play buton, then in the lower right, hit the full screen button.

We’re basically a people-powered, technology efficient media outlet. Let us know if something is broken or confusing or missing.


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