Note from Jill: This is cross-posted on Greenpeace’s Making Waves blog. How is green also brown? Well, MC Hammer was here at CES 2009 in Vegas and the Greenpeace team made me tweet him about green gadgets. Happy to oblige. A brother has, like, 19,000 followers! Also, I got to hang with Wesley Faulkner of AMD, a young bruh who’s about to be one of AMD’s newest bloggers. He geeked out telling me about his own energy efficient solutions for his crazy home electronics. Keep an eye on @wesley83 ! Heading out to Jay-Z’s 40/40 club for the Intel Kickoff party later tonight. Enjoy the post below.

Today Martin Hojsik, GPI Toxics Campaigner, and I sat in on the “Going Green: More Than a Label” which featured execs from big companies like Panasonic, Sharp and HP. A smaller, younger company was also on the panel — Greenzer, which is a site that helps consumers find and rate green electronics. Kind of like a Green C-Net! Jeremy Arditi of Greenzer (@jarditi) gave Greenpeace’s reviews of electronics a shoutout from the dais, not knowing we were there. I had a chance to interview him about how Greenzer is using Greenpeace’s consumer product survey along with data from ClimateSmart, EPA and others to provide a database-backed solution to help people buy green more easily. He was pumped when I told him we’d just released the latest 2009 “Green Gadgets – The Search Continues” today! is up to 300K unique visitors a month and growing so they must be on to something. 98% of consumers (according to HP during the panel) say they want a greener TV. Do you?

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