Roberts had no excuse for messing UP.  His lines were already written down; all he had to do was read the Book.  If Sasha Obama knows Reading Is Fundamental, why didn’t Roberts remember that?

These are Confessions of a Tinfoil Hat Wearer. Which I truly am, from time to time.  I just try not to wear it too tightly.

After allowing the ambiance and the significance of yesterday’s events to sink in, I visited other blogs to get the take from some of their readers on the day’s Inaugural events.  A commenter at the Field Negro’s Blog posted the following:

From UptownSteve:

Rev. Lowery was Da BOMB!

Roberts f-ed up on purpose.

And FFN is absolutely right.

Shooter Cheney just didn’t want to stand up for a black man.

I am as guilty of wearing the tinfoil hat like anyone else who dons it from time to time.  Y’all actually think President Obama didn’t memorize the Presidential oath so he would know his cues?  And let’s face it, Chief Justice John Roberts looked like he was wired to flubb his lines – yet harbinger of sludge, rumors and lies, better known as Blogger and Comedian Matt Drudge, tried to blame Obama for the fact that Roberts effed up.

The GOP Bastards just can’t admit when they Eff up.  Not now, NOT EVER.

I loved Obama giving Roberts that “look” that said, “Man, you messing up the oath…” and another “look” to prompt Roberts into inserting “protect, preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and Domestic, so help me God…”

Dammit, Roberts is the friggin Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, therefore he should have KNOWN the Presidential Oath of Office because there would be an occasion where he would need to administer it. Ya think?

Or, at least, he had the book in which he read the damn oath, so he had no excuse for effing up – it was WRITTEN DOWN, for God’s sake!

What a dipshyt – he couldn’t let partisanship go, even for one day.  He just had to diss the first African-American POTUS by flubbing the Presidential  Oath of Office.  Does he need reminding that, as much as I hated it at the time, Obama, as a Senator, voted to confirm his dumb ass to the Bench?

But, then again, it was the flubb heard ’round the world, and I think Roberts sensed his attempt to diss the POTUS, out of pettiness, backfired.  So he gave President Obama a “do-over” on the oath today.

We should have been allowed to see THAT.  Dang.  And Check out the Pres at the “do-over”:

Roberts put on his black robe.

“Are you ready to take the oath?” he said.

“Yes, I am,” Obama said. “And we’re going to do it very slowly.”

Translation: “You better get it right this time, MoFo…” LOL

They continue to be who we THINK THEY ARE.  Don’t be fooled.

And don’t get me started on Darth Cheney.  One wonders whether or not his old ass was trying to garner sympathy by being wheeled out of his bunker with the lame excuse of straining his back moving boxes.  JJP readers are too smart for that excuse.  How many of you think Cheney was in that wheelchair because:

(a)  he actually did strain his back because he was moving boxes of files that he didn’t want falling into the FBI’s hands;

(b) he had another heart attack he’s not confessing about;

(c) he’s such a Saltine, he couldn’t stand up for a brotha, as UptownSteve suggests;

(d) he wanted the American people to forget what an evil GOP bastard he really was; a bastard who was really running the Country for the last eight years, and George Bush was HIS poodle; by trying to gin up sympathy.

I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t feel sorry for an evil ol’ bastard who told a United States Senator to go “eff” himself, and Senator Pat Leahy merely said, “Hey VP Cheney, how are you?”; or shoot a 78-year-old man in the face and get THAT guy to apologize for all the trouble that shooting caused the VP (that still gives me the “W-T-F?” moments whenever I think about it); or how his former corporations, Halliburton and KBR got fat paid by ripping off the Federal Government for services and products that were either rotten, or unusable; and treated dogs in humane societies better than the armed forces – while employing rapists, theives, dealers and murderers on the government dime and losing billions of dollars into a black hole and can’t account for how the money was spent.

Whew (deep breath here).

OTOH, George Bush looked relieved that he was fleeing DC.  This was the best sight anyone who suffered for the last eight years, could have WISHED FOR:

U.S. President Barack Obama waves alongside his wi...
Saul Loeb / Pool via Reuters

I wished where I was witnessing the Inauguration, that I had access to Fox Noise, because I so wanted to see Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and the gang at “Fox and Friends” heads explode as they were forced to witness the man they gleefully attacked from calling him “Barack The Magic Negro” to dissing his wife by calling her a “Baby Mama”; to the “terrorist fist bump” when the President and First Lady gave each other “DAP” become the man they must NOW address as “Mr. President”.

And CNN’s Wolf Blitzer got on my last friggn nerve.  An hour after President-Elect Obama became “President” Obama, that fool was still addressing the new President BY HIS FIRST NAME.  Poor Anderson Cooper; he looked like he winced everytime Wolf did that shyt.

I wished for Anderson to have another “Katrina” moment and go off on Wolfie by yanking him in the collar and hissing, “He’s now the POTUS, dipshyt.  Show some damned RESPECT, will ya?

This has been the first edition of “Confessions of a Tinfoil Hat Wearer”.  And I approve this message.  LOL

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