Truly, it has been a painful eight years of watching this buffoon representing this country and running it to shyt.  From the AP:

For eight years, the nation has been led by a guy who relaxes by clearing brush in scorching heat and taking breakneck bike rides through the woods. He dishes out nicknames to world leaders, and even gave the German chancellor an impromptu, perhaps unwelcome, neck rub. He’s annoyed when kept waiting and sticks relentlessly to routine. He stays optimistic in even the most dire circumstances, but readily tears up in public. He has little use for looking within himself, and only lately has done much looking back.

Bush’s style and temperament are as much his legacy as his decisions. Policy shapes lives, but personality creates indelible memories — positive and negative.

Call it distinctly Bush.

I’d rather call it what it IS – Bullshyt.  And who better than the King of the Bullshytters?  Even eating is looking like he’s in elementary school:

Even eating is approached with sheer purpose.

Bush wants his lunch ready when he is, and wolfs it down. His tastes are clear: maybe a peanut butter and honey sandwich, a BLT, or a burger. Former White House executive chef Walter Scheib learned from Bush never to serve a grilled cheese sandwich unless it came with a side of French’s yellow mustard.

Let me ask this: Who the hell messes up a grilled cheese with MUSTARD?

Okay, I know many of us have weird eating habits and I confess; mine is eating a chilled Snicker bar along with a banana (I’ll also confess to french fries with melted cheese on it and not that Cheeze Whiz they put on them these days.  No wonder I have high sugar I’m trying to get under control these days, LOL).

I had a second career as a substance abuse counselor for pregnant women wanting to get clean before they gave birth.  If I were to describe the above rigidity of Bush’s eating habits, they would probably ask me: “Is he still using?  He sounds like a dry drunk.”

Dr. Justin Frank in his book, “Bush On The Couch” basically stated that only a person who has given up the substance they were abusing, but has not entered into treatment or rehab, has merely substituted one addiction with another in order to maintain a sense of control.

No matter whatever Bush’s legacy is – all I know it’s going to be a damned painful one, and I can’t wait until we see him flying the hell out of DC for the last time.

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