Hey y’all – it’s great to be back in the blog saddle after a bit of a break. I’m here at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the biggest conventions in the world, to help Greenpeace International blog and tweet about green gadgets and green electronics. Greenpeace has a team on-site here to launch their new consumer guide on the greenest gadgets out there. It’s just out today – get it while it’s hot. I think it’s pretty fair and also gives you the straight dope on what green really means in a gadget.

Why should a black girl care about green gadgets you might ask? Well, electronics are something we all depend on in our daily lives. And it has an impact — did you know that U.S. game consoles alone use the same amount of energy as the entire city of San Diego? Smoke on that while you firing up that Xbox.

I’m inspired by the work of Al Gore, who’s called us all to work to save our planet and our species from the ravages climate change will bring. I’m electrified by the work of Van Jones and Green for All — we can eliminate the threat of climate change and the blight of poverty in America if we embrace green jobs now. I’m with Obama that we can create a better future for everyone if we lead the world in creating and building new technologies that are less toxic and conserve energy.

The impact of our gadget consumption reaches wider than you might think. Sadly, our fave electronic goodies — the very tech we depend on for our lives, our homes and our businesses are filled with nasty chemicals that end up poisoning our environment, especially in the poorest places. Check out this vid on what happens to your discarded electronics in Ghana, for example.

So I’ll be crossposting here and on the Making Waves blog for Greenpeace for a couple of days and also keeping up a steady twitter stream at @ch3ryl and @Greenpeace_Intl with our adventures. Please follow and retweet. Spread the word. We *can* have great gadgets that are also green. We have the technology and the know-how. We can do betta. Gotta believe.

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