I love Casey Gane-McCalla’s stuff over at NewsOne – hilarious yet….educational. He offers a few tips that our people might want to keep in mind during this very special time in our lives. Really, the eyes of the world will be upon us. Try, people, to maintain. Do not let you or your cousin be the ignant negro cuttin’ up & actin’ the fool broadcast around the world as the image of black folk who aren’t the Obamas. Check it:

This weekend will be a historic even for African Americans, hundreds of thousands of African Americans will convene on Washington DC, chocolate city, to celebrate the first inauguration of a black president.

Not only will Obama be showcased to  the country and the world but so will the African Americans who come to support him. While the vast majority of African Americans will come to peacefully and respectfully celebrate Barack Obama’s extraordinary achievement we must do all in our power to make sure that we are represented as the intelligent, loving, brave people we are. We can not let a few bad apples spoil the celebration.

This is not the Greekfest, Homecoming, or All Star Weekend. Your favorite sports team didn’t just win the championship, this is a turning point in American history.  Here are some of the rules that we should follow in order to make this a successful inauguration for Obama and African Americans

1. No fighting. If someone steps on your 200 dollar new Barack Obama dunks, let it slide. If you step on someone’s shoes, apologize. If you see your cousin Kenny who owes you a hundred bucks and has been ducking you, don’t confront him, you’ll see him later. Now is not the time. Any fights involving blacks will be blown out of proportion by the media, we don’t need to sully the image of black people .

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