The Next Chief of NASA…we HOPE

From the Houston Chronicle:

A former astronaut who has made four trips into space is reportedly a leading candidate for the top job at NASA.

If selected by President-elect Barack Obama, Charles Bolden Jr., 62, a retired Marine Corps general who makes his home in Houston’s Bay Area, would be the first black American to head the space agency.

The former test pilot left NASA in 1994 after 14 years of service to return to the Marine Corps, where he rose to the rank of major general. He retired in 2003.

But Bolden has remained familiar with NASA’s workings and personnel. He serves on NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, one of nine experts who advises the administrator. He is also an adviser to the four high-ranking NASA officials who are overseeing the upcoming space shuttle reconditioning flight to the 18-year-old Hubble Space Telescope. Bolden piloted the shuttle Discovery in 1990 that flew the observatory into space.

At least he’ll respect the President, unlike current NASA Administrator Mike Griffin.  Who the hell did he think he was to refuse to cooperate with the transition team?

Oh, well, looks like Arsenio Hall is going to have to upgrade his joke about NASA (saying “Yes, NASA; No NASA) if a brotha’s going to be running thangs.

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