I honestly meant not to write a post, since Jill posted that our writings would be kinda light around here during the holidays, and I was looking forward to a couple of days off.  But then I read this article in the Washington Post and was compelled to post something about it.

Cohen’s piece has a salient point, whether you like it or not:

The conventional thing to say is that Obama has a preacher problem — first the volcanic Jeremiah Wright and now the transparently anti-gay Warren. But the real problem has nothing to do with ministers and everything to do with Obama’s inability or unwillingness to be a moral leader. Sooner or later, he just might have to stand for something.

I post this with a couple of qualifiers – I’m already on record about Rick Warren’s selection as the guy who opens the inauguration with a prayer over the President.  And it also appears that Warren’s catching a whole lot of heat regarding his views on gays and whatnot – and what is catching my attention is how he’s trying to backtrack because he just wants bragging rights to being connected to President Obama.

Second, when Obama distanced himself from the man known as his “spiritual advisor” Dr. Jeremiah Wright, because Sean Hannity and his ilk got their tighty whiteys in a knot behind Dr. Wright’s sermons that were totally blown out of their original context – I am on record as saying that action gave me heartburn, and I also said something about what to think about a man who will sling his own Pastor under the bus for political gain.  While I have come to support Obama as being the lesser of two evils, I cannot help but become alarmed when I think I’m seeing another DOUBLE STANDARD being enacted, which is what I’m seeing when Rick Warren’s on record as a homophobe that is being given a pass for his homophobia by Obama by being allowed to participate in the Inaugural festivities, but Wright is all but dead and buried because he preached about how America needed to be condemned as being the richest Nation on earth; yet allows the level of abject poverty, neglect and concern for fellow man to rise to the equivalent of some developing countries.

Is there a DOUBLE STANDARD coming into play here, and if so, is it being perpetuated by President-Elect Obama or his handlers?

And in case y’all forgot, I also said I would be the first to get in Obama’s ass when I see something like this.  I know you’re going to say I should wait until he gets into office for him to screw up, but am I supposed to remain silent when he appears to be engaging in the same double standards he appeared to work hard to overcome when he won the election?

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