I was listening to Hardball today, and I saw the guy from BET (I would get into it how I can’t see Ron Daniels, Ron Walter, Charles Ogletree, Bev Smith, etc. as political commentators, yet get someone from BET…..but I disgress.) said that Jesse Jr. took a wrong turn with the Press Conference, and seeing as he had spent the last decade running away from being like his father, that this was JUST like his father.

Do you agree or disagree about the Press Conference.


I don’t know. I think Jr. was damned either way any how from the moment this broke, in that he was attached to this in any way. He should have taken the hint when an ambitious weasel like Luis Gutierrez bowed out – that was the neon sign to run for the hills.

Edited to add: I want to make it clear. I’ve been pretty upfront. I thought Jackson, Jr. SHOULD get the Senate seat. He was more than qualified for it. I understood the apprehensions – could he actually win votes downstate? I had serious doubts about it myself, but I thought the 2 year headstart that he would have, proving himself on the job, plus doing old-fashioned retail politics, I gave him a 50/50 chance in 2010. I knew nobody would work harder to win over those downstate doubters. I knew his wife would be a big help – she is a smart, charming, disarming woman. I thought the two of them would pretty much live downstate if he got the appointment.

But, Jr. broke the cardinal rule for Black folks, and you know what it is – you can’t have a whiff of corruption around you. He already had 1 1/2 strikes against him because his last name was Jackson. This mess this week – well, it just shortcircuited his ambition for a decade. And, I think that’s a damn shame.

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