Both Rikyrah and I wrote about Hillary Clinton being named as Secretary of State in PE Obama’s Administration, but now that it’s official (and many of you weighed in saying “It’s not official, yet”), I thought I would link back to both our posts and ask you to weigh in, now that the deal’s been done.  Our posts deserve repeat performances if you haven’t read them yet.

Rikyrah’s take: (November 14, 2008) – here’s an excerpt:

The ever astute JJP readers have pointed out that this would be a disaster, and all thing for us here lead BACK TO THE DONOR LISTS.


We still don’t know who’s on those Donor Lists – to the Clinton Foundation and to the Clinton Library.

Do we really want Bill Clinton around American Foreign Policy?


I’m still at the point why this is even being discussed. Why isn’t Bill Richardston the slam dunk for this position?

I admit, her post inspired me to write one about Why Clinton was hanging on to that donor list, but I’m digressing.  Here’s my own take (November 21, 2008):

Many of you who read JJP insisted when this began to be discussed, that we should wait and allow this to play out.  Well, it appears it’s playing out and in a way most of us feared.  Unlike some blogs that react to bad news by engaging in some forms of manipulative protests, we at JJP learn to live with the choices of our elected officials and their leadership – but again, we must also demand Mr. Obama be held accountable to the people who elected him.  I still believe he will be, but while I don’t like this pick, I’m respecting it because if the President did EVERYTHING we wanted, he will not get any work done in the next four years, and he has big messes to clean up.  Go ahead and chime in, JJP readers – I know y’all have something to say on this matter. I can’t help but be afraid this choice is going to come back and burn the President, because I believe she will spend the next four years undermining Mr. Obama while trying to set herself up to challenge him in 2012. That’s my opinion – but, hey, I’m just another damned blogger who believes the only thing Mr. Obama owes the Clintons is his ass to kiss.

Good Lord, those confirmation hearings are going to be a lot of Drama for “No-Drama” Obama.  Pass the popcorn, pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass of anything alcoholic (or not) when the confirmation hearings are announced, because this will be literally the first time the GOP will have the legal opportunity in the form of a Senate Confirmation hearing to get in the Clinton’s ass and don’t think for one minute they’re bringing a knife to this gunfight.  We’re going to hear about that Donor List of Bill Clinton’s library, and Hillary won’t get the questions upfront – she’s going to have to answer them more Stone Cold than Steve Austin.

We might also hear about Bill’s “indiscretions” because the GOP is repressed that way.  We’re going to see a lot of mud flung in the next few weeks and whatever doesn’t stick gets Hillary in the door, which makes it a long four years already, and Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

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