Steele to conservatives: ‘Wake up people’ – Andy Barr –

Steele said the GOP has to rebuild relationships with the various party factions in order to regain electoral viability and regain public trust in addressing policy concerns.

“There are a lot of people who would join us and be a party of our efforts who are pro-choice but they love our message on money; they love our value system on family values, broadly speaking, so then how do we cross-appeal,” he said. “How do we make ourselves relevant to the 21st century electorate which is clearly of a different mindset on a host of issues?”

This is what happens when you chase out all the reasonable people and allow religious extremists and racists to dominate your party and message. What reasonable person wants to contort himself into a defense of Sarah Palin? What person of sound mind wants to pretend the world is six thousand years old and deny basic science?

The GOP has backed itself into a corner. Michael Steele is trying to drag it out. Good luck bro.

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