Much thanks to alert reader kristasphere for sharing this priceless must-see video of David Gregory just a-shakin’ his big ol’ moneymaker for all it’s worth on the Today show last Christmas while Mary J. Blige sings “Just Fine”.

Obviously he’s a sincere fan of Miss Mary and diversity in music, at least. My favorite is the very serious “Business and Media Institute” card which really does not prepare you emotionally for what comes next. It’s like being rickrolled for the first time, again!

I’m almost tempted to take back all my criticisms of NBC for choosing the adorable-as-a-giant-golden-retriever yet lightweight-on-the-gravitas Gregory as the new Meet the Press host. While I still share the strong opinions of others that Andrea Mitchell, Gwen Ifill or heck even Chuck Todd might have been more appropriate choices, I can’t hate. Clearly, close inspection of this clip points to the obvious signs that David Gregory had a black girlfriend back in college. Note the hip action, the smooth swivel, the head bob and the polyrhythmic shoulders. I think he actually licks his lips while busting the aforementioned moves.

Anyway, all might be forgiven if he has the nads to play this clip on MTP during the holidays. Gregory should add dancing with guests to every show. Seriously. Ratings WILL go up. I double-dog dare Gregory to ask Rahm Emanuel to dance with him. I definitely think at a minimum that he and Obama should dance together Ellen style when Obama next appears on the show. IMHO: Gregory = better dancer, Obama = much sexier. What do you think? We’re happy to start this dance-off right now.

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