Didja hear that instead of doing their part to create a greater carbon footprint by flying private jets to DC to beg for money that the big 3 U.S. automakers drove hybrids down to DC. That’s cool. I drive a hybrid too. It’s from Japan. Like, uh, most of the hybrids being driven in America today, yo.

Over at NewsOne, there’s a hilarious sendup of the continuing financial/auto industry shakedown of taxpayers’ money on Capitol Hill by Casey Gane-McCalla. Where’s the gubment when you really need it? Here’s a hot plate of something spicy:

If the Hip Hop industry fails it could have disastrous effects on the economy. When Hip Hop record labels start going out of business not only will rappers be out of jobs but so will managers, bodyguards, stylists, publicists, deejays, entourage members, A&R’s, and other label people.

If Hip Hop were to cease to be economically viable, it could have a domino effect on the whole economy. If rappers were to no longer have money other sectors like the strip club industry, the tacky platinum chain industry, and the rims industry would also go under. Rap magazines such as XXL, Ozone, The Source, and Vibe would all go out of business as would countless Hip Hop websites and blogs. If Hip Hop dies what would happen to all the radio stations where hip hop lives?

Hip Hop is definitely at a tipping point now. Even the once financial giant of G-Unit is forced to cut back product and lay off workers.If 50 Cent doesn’t receive some money from the government its very possible that we may never hear another Tony Yayo or Loyd Banks album.

Many people would argue that rappers and Hip Hop moguls have lived in material excess beyond their means, been arrogant and greedy, all while not being creative, innovative or even efficient. This may be true but so have the CEOs of Wall St. and Detroit. For years Morgan Stanley, Merryl Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros. have been giving large bonuses and salaries to their top level executives.

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