On The Republicans.  Via AMERICABlog:

Reporting from Washington — Republican opposition killed a $14-billion auto industry bailout plan in the Senate on Thursday night, putting the future of U.S. automakers in doubt and threatening to deliver another blow to the economy.

For those readers who insist on continuing to belong to this party; the party of non-inclusion and big government; the party that always brings a recession on its list of Things To Do While in Washington, so the Democrats have to spend their time in power cleaning it up – how do you explain the obstruction for the auto industry on the part of the Republicans, but the $700 billion banking bailout is hailed as a super prop for the economy?

Y’all need to GTHOH with all of your shyt.  Because that’s what it is.  SHYT.

SHYT on the Economy, SHYT on the Government, SHYT on the American People, and those of you who voted for this ticket, which I still consider a BIGOTED ticket – explain why the hell do YOU KEEP VOTING AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS?

I guess you would rather starve under ReThug rule, but know while you’re starving and losing your home to foreclosure, and losing your job to outsourcing or cutbacks, that you did your part in trying to keep that N—ER out of the White House.  Your racism is ingrained TO THAT POINT.

I’ve already said America is addicted to her racism and the election of Barack Obama to the highest office in the land does not put America in recovery, no matter how much we wish it.  Now this shyt with the Auto Industry, and yeah, I wrote a post on how these fools shouldn’t have come to DC to beg in their private jets, but the Wall Street Bail Out was far worse because there is no congressional oversight, and the Federal Reserve gets to do whatever the hell it wants.  I’ve also stated that 52% of that $700 billion (which is really $850 billion cause there’s another $150 billion in pork projects) will be going to the CEOs who orchestrated this royal Eff-Up, while these banks are consistently cutting back and laying off tens of thousands from their workforce.

Is it any coincidence that Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama and Thug) isn’t up to putting a hand out to help the auto industry because if he does, that Toyota plant in his district would have to get its workers on board with the UAW, and that won’t do.

At least the LA Times is telling the truth with that headline.  Like roaches when the lights are turned on, the ReThugs run away from the shyt they create and blame someone else.  The Democrats need to grow a pair and stop whining.  They have the power; they damned well need to USE IT, and override every filibuster and obstruction the Republicans are going to throw at them, as well as remind Americans who’s responsible for this mess and how the Republicans rubber-stamped George Bush’s policies for the past eight years.

And 2010 will look really good when these numbnuts come up for re-election, no matter how “Red” their district is – maybe those in those Red districts will get tired of eating SPAM every day and night because they can’t afford anything else, and vote their best interests for A CHANGE.

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