Just FYI, we’ll still be bringing you stories here at JJP. However, we will be slowing coverage during the holidays in order to spend a little less time with our computers and a little more time with our families. You’re our family too. And we want to wish you and your families in advance a very special holiday season.

I know it’s gonna be a lean Christmas for a lot of people. We’ve already heard from JJP readers who are losing their jobs and their homes.

Know that our thoughts here at JJP are with you. Trouble don’t last always. We’re sending support and we’ll continue fighting for help for Americans who need it most.

If you have a job and a little extra in your pocket this year, please consider a donation to your local food pantry or soup kitchen. Warm clothes, toys, food and cash are always welcome. Donations are down this year, yet the need is greater than ever this year. Please share a little of what you have — even if it’s less than last year — with those who have lost even more.

May we all enjoy a brighter 2009…

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