The news of the day has been the arrest of Governor Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges. That the Governor was arrested is NOT news to anyone who has been following politics. He has had ‘corruption’ charges swirling around him pretty much from the word GO.

Blago is the son-in-law of one Alderman Richard ‘Dick’ Mell(North Side Ethnics Dems), one of those Alderman that has been there for forever, and knows where all the bodies are buried.

Mell and his son-in-law have officially been on the outs for YEARS, beginning with a public feud about an illegal dump. Yes, they were fighting about an illegal dump.

Blago has very few allies in Springfield. He and The Speaker of the Illinois House – Michael Madigan (Southwest Side Ethnic Dems) – HATE each other. Madigan has done everything he could to stop anything that Blago wants to do. He does it because they don’t like each other personally, and because Madigan wants to block Blago, so that Madigan’s daughter- LISA- the current Attorney General (gotta love Illinois familial politics)- can run for Governor.

Lt. Governor Pat Quinn – a populist straight shooter – hasn’t spoken with Blago for OVER A YEAR.

State Senate President – Emil Jones – who is retiring – was Blago’s strongest ally in Springfield.

Blago’s wife – Patti – questions about her business contacts.

Did Rahm drop the dime?

Who knows.

Candidate 1- probably Valerie Jarrett

For those who think that this is the reason Guitierrez dropped out, let me give you some more food for thought. Yesterday’s Chicago Tribune had a front page story about dear Luis making $420,000 from his real estate dealings in a very short amount of time. Don’t think that’s going away.

Now, is Candidate 5 Jesse Jackson, Jr.? I don’t know. And, I hope not.

But, let’s remember: Blago has only been arrested. He hasn’t been indicted. And, I don’t see him resigning without indictment.

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