Well, you could have fooled me.  I don’t give a rat’s ass if he hasn’t recovered from Katrina – the ineptness of his Administration and the lack of immediate response to Katrina’s victims – not to mention the clowning they got from Anderson Cooper when he got to the Bayou on a boat and shouted into a camera, “Where is the Government?” should be a shameful event they  NEVER recover from. From the AP:

WASHINGTON – Hurricane Katrina not only pulverized the Gulf Coast in 2005, it knocked the bully pulpit out from under President George W. Bush, according to two former advisers who spoke candidly about the political impact of the government’s poor handling of the natural disaster.

“Katrina to me was the tipping point,” said Matthew Dowd, Bush’s pollster and chief strategist for the 2004 presidential campaign. “The president broke his bond with the public. Once that bond was broken, he no longer had the capacity to talk to the American public. State of the Union addresses? It didn’t matter. Legislative initiatives? It didn’t matter. P.R.? It didn’t matter. Travel? It didn’t matter.”

Dan Bartlett, former White House communications director and later counselor to the president, said: “Politically, it was the final nail in the coffin.”

Their comments are a part of an oral history of the Bush White House that Vanity Fair magazine compiled for its February issue, which hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday, and nationally on Jan. 6. Vanity Fair published comments by current and former government officials, foreign ministers, campaign strategists and numerous others on topics that included Iraq, the anthrax attacks, the economy and immigration.

Guess what, Mr. Bush?  The actual VICTIMS of Hurricane Katrina have yet to recover because your cronies in Congress, with a lil help from their Blue Dog Democrat buddies, won’t get off their asses and pass legislation to help them recover. Like typical rats on a sinking ship, your former employees are singing like trained canaries about this part of your “LEGACY”.

And your response to Hurricane Rita only highlighted that because most of those victims were non-African-Americans, you were most likely to provide the immediate response the Katrina victims should have received.

Katrina is your shame, Mr. Bush.  LIVE WITH IT.

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