A pretty cool interpretation of Obama’s moves not as capitulation but intelligent strategy designed to disarm his critics.

via Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community.

The Clintons are now inside the tent. The bipartisan Realist School is now inside the tent. The center-left Establishment is now inside the tent. And most of the left is pleased about the selection of Eric Holder to Justice and Susan Rice to a cabinet level ambassadorship to the United Nations (that bypasses Clinton and reports directly to Obama).

Concerns remain, and anti-war progressives are still looking for seats at the table where their superior judgment will not only be rewarded but put to good use going forward. But progressives can take comfort in the fact the field has been cleared politically to such a degree that they can move freely. If they remain marginalized, the neo-conservatives are newly marginalized, and to a far greater degree. Additionally, progressives are now empowered organizationally and have a far greater ability to mobilize public opinion than their opponents on the right. Palinists are truly out in the cold, and will remain there until there is some glaring failure or crack in the new governing coalition.

In part because I’m tired of fighting and in part because I did vote and campaign for the man, so I should trust his judgment, I’ve been laying low on the “oh-my-God-the-Clintons-are-back” reactions. I’m practicing being quiet and cool for a minute. If Booman and others are correct, Obama has isolated many of his most potentially dangerous critics and bought himself some wiggle room. What he does with that room still bears close scrutiny, but I’m willing to give the man some time before declaring the sky fallen.

I have to admit, though, when I watched Hillary’s remarks during Monday’s press conference, I kept wanting her to dodge sniper fire right there behind the podium. I can’t help it yall.

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